5 summer white outfits {with video!}

by Krystal Bick
May 21, 2019

Here’s my ultimate summer hack: wear white. End of story.

It may sound overly simple and that’s because it is! I tend to wear white like it’s going out of style pretty much year round, but especially during the summer months. It looks amazing with a tan. And gold accessories. And pretty much any floral print you can throw at it. Essentially, it’s hard to mess up a good summer white ensemble (unless of course, you lose a battle with a ornery iced latte in which case I take back everything I just said), which is why I’m sharing 5 different outfits, styling key white pieces you likely already have in your wardrobe, in today’s IGTV styling video. (Full video is shared below)

Another summer hack: If you’re missing any of the below pieces I mention, a lot of them are rented via Rent the Runway, another great way to experiment with your summer outfits!

LOOK ONE // The white denim skirt

LOOK TWO // The matching white linen set


LOOK FOUR // The white suit

LOOK FIVE // The white jeans

3 thoughts on “5 summer white outfits {with video!}

  1. Lovely video, you’re sexy and damn super sexy in Only Bra And White Jeans combo :D, doggie is cute too 🙂 5/5 fun stuff…

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