the spring jacket update

by Krystal Bick
March 13, 2019

Alright, Spring — feel free to show up anytime now. 

I made a joke last night on Instagram that Spring is like that friend of yours who is notoriously late. So late in fact, she’s usually the one texting you that she’s on her way, but in reality, she’s changing her outfit 5 more times while alphabetizing her lipsticks by shade name.

And in New York, she’ll probably start to binge watch something on Netflix before she eventually hops in that Uber.


So while we patiently wait for spring to grace us with her presence, I’ve rounded up some perfect spring jackets that I have my eye on currently — like this plaid trench coat from Petite Studio (everything from their collection is custom fit for us gals 5’4″ and under). At the very least, you can still sport most of these coats now with our current colder weather, with a good layering game underneath (read: turtleneck + heat tech).

Keep scrolling to shop (and do me a favor, text Spring to tell her to move her f-ing ass).

OUTFIT DETAILS: Petite Studio trench coat (gifted) // L’Agence jeans (gifted) // Nine West heels (gifted) // Staud bag 

Photos by Lydia Hudgens

6 thoughts on “the spring jacket update

  1. Toronto is a lot like NYC – spring always shows up late here and we usually share the same weather patterns. I’ve always been a winter person but this winter has been especially rough, so I’m excited to see the back end of it. Roll on Spring!

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