my rent the runway order history

by Krystal Bick
December 10, 2018

OUTFIT DETAILS: Saloni dress (via Rent The Runway) // Sachin + Babi bag // Sergio Rossi heels // Cecile Melie earrings (dying for this pair)

Now that holiday season is in full swing here…

I’ve been renting like crazy off Rent the Runway! You all may remember my post from over the summer, sharing my review and order history from the past few months. I figured since I’ve been traveling quite a bit and hopping to last minute holiday parties, this was the perfect time for the second installment.  As a mini refresher, I subscribe to their Unlimited Membership for $159 a month, which gets you 4 new items on constant rotation, with unlimited rentals. Your first month is discounted at $99 and I have to say, for anyone doubting this service, it’s certainly paid for itself many times over for me, so it’s definitely worth a shot, especially for any holiday get togethers you might have coming up!  So without further adieu… How about you guys? Do you rent from Rent The Runway? Would love to hear about your past orders!  Photos by James Nord

8 thoughts on “my rent the runway order history

  1. Absolutely Adore the service. I’ve RTR for many, many years. Last year and early this year, it was a bit difficult because they would not have items available that I reserved months earlier. They would send and email I’d see too late for action. I chucked it up to growing pains. Haven’t had that issue in the past eight months. I don’t rent often enough, nor do I spend a lot of money to warrant paying the monthly subscription, though I do see the benefits. Their customer service is AMAZING if you ever need help. Great idea, great company, and I recommend to anyone who will listen.

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