how to update your spring dresses

by Krystal Bick
March 6, 2018

You all know I love a good styling trick or two.

It breathes new life into old pieces in your closet and makes you shop for new pieces a bit differently. I recently picked up this dainty floral cami dress from Old Navy the other day, only to stumble upon it’s off the shoulder top counterpart in the same print nearby. The layering result is what you see here, and has since, sparked a few other ideas how to easily take your spring dresses to the next level, by simply turning a few things on their head. Keep reading to see what I mean.

  1. Utilize all those off the shoulder tops: Remember all those flirty, off the shoulder tops we picked up last spring? Well, they make for the perfect layering piece under a flirty dress much like the outfit I’m wearing here. Both these pieces work really well together since they’re in the same print (something to look out for when you’re shopping this season), but I can also see this looking lovely in contrasting prints and colors, like this top with this dress.
  2. When in doubt, belt it: This styling trick popped up quite a bit on the runways this season and it’s SO easy to pull off. Simply add your favorite belt to a dress to add extra shape and dimension to your silhouette. Feeling extra? Double belt it! Feeling extra extra? Add a belt bag!
  3. Shirt dresses: There’s a lot of styling freedom when it comes to shirt dresses. My latest favorite way to wear them is to button them half way and layer a sweater over it with your favorite denim. The two sides of the dress should sit open on either side of you, making for a dramatic silhouette when you enter a room.
  4. Layer a shirt underneath: Yes, a simple white t-shirt works wonders underneath your cami dress. Next time though, try a collared button down shirt!
  5. Layer two dresses together: The trick to pulling this off is to take your favorite form fitting jersey dress and layer it over a slightly longer dress, preferably flared for the best drama moment, like this dress or this dress.
  6. Add a bow to the straps: I love how bows are making such a splash right now. Lots of gals are adding them to their hair (adorable!) but I also love the idea of adding a few simple ribbon bows to a little cami or swing dress. Satin or silkier ribbon will work best here (easy to pick up from any craft store or leftover packaging in my case) and tie them right at the top of your shoulder strap. Each bow should perch nicely on your shoulder.

7. Tie a sweater around your shoulders and slouch down or across your chest: I know what you’re thinking. This isn’t the “country club sweater over the shoulders” trick. It should either slouch down sitting right above your elbows or if you’re tying it across, it should sit almost like a close-fitting crossbody bag. This guy would work perfectly!

8. Wear a wrapskirt over your maxi dress: Now that swimwear seems to be on everyone’s winter-weary mind, try adding a wrapskirt/sarong (or even an oversized square scarf) to your next maxi dress moment, tying at the waist. Play with color combinations and pattern mixing for extra effect.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Old Navy cami dress (gifted) // Old Navy off the shoulder top (gifted) // Old Navy anorak jacket (gifted) // Old Navy belt (gifted) // Chanel slingbacks (exact lookalike for a fraction of the price!) // The Daily Edited bag // Lisi Lerch earring + & Other Stories earring

Photos by Nora Varcho

This post was in collaboration with Old Navy. As always, all opinions and styling are my own. Thank you for supporting all This Time Tomorrow collaborations!Β 

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