statement top + cool jeans combo

by Krystal Bick
March 5, 2018

Sometimes, certain trends baffle me.

Like these wet sock sneakers which, no matter how hard I try, I just can’t see myself wearing anywhere than out on a fishing trip.

And then sometimes, certain trends are so simplistic, so classic, so on the nose, that it’s hard to resist them. Lately, as you may have spied on Instagram, I’ve been all about pairing a great statement top with a relaxed pair of cool, girl jeans. Throw in a fun heel and a conversation starter bag, and you’re pretty much ready for any evening event — it’s fool proof and over the course of the past few weeks, it’s saved me when I was pinched for time. I spotted quite a few other gals at Fashion Week following suit — Aimee is perhaps the queen of this look — and I wanted to share some of my favorite combinations floating around the web these days.

There’s a few tricks to pulling this look off. The first? Look for tops with unique construction details, the more unusual the structure, the better it’ll juxtapose with a pair of jeans. Think open shoulder, think flared sleeves, think exaggerated ruffles. Self-Portrait is a great designer to start with for these types of tops, but I’ve seen plenty on Asos and J.Crew as well.

For the jeans, I’ve noticed a great pair of high-waisted, cool hem detail denim goes a long way with this combination. Perfect for tucking your top in (if it allows) and it draws attention to your heels, which should be the other party element in the outfit — a fun pair of mules or kitten heels in pops of color will do just fine.

Lastly, and this is just personal preference, I do love how a pair of statement earrings really complete the outfit (and usually work really well with the unique neckline you’re undoubtedly working with — you all have seen me mix and match mine, an easy way to make your earrings seem more expensive than they really are.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite pieces for this combo below — would love to hear from you guys though! Have you been rocking a statement top and cool girl jeans lately? Send me links to your outfits below!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Self Portrait top // 3X1 jeans (gifted) // Dior heels // Cafune bag (gifted) // Vintage YSL sunglasses // Lisi Lerch earring + & Other Stories earring


Photos by Nora Varcho

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