friday favorites: staying motivated

by Krystal Bick
March 9, 2018

“How do you stay motivated to workout every day?”

I recently got this question via Insta Stories and I’ll stop y’all right there and clarify: I don’t work out every day. Man, I wish I did! And there have been many periods of my life where I did work out every day. To the point if I didn’t work out on a particular day, I would be REALLY BUMMED about it. We’re talking the kind of bummed that rivals that of when a pair of shoes you’re desperate for, no longer come in your size.

Yeah, that bummed.

Of course, getting to that state always takes time. And dedication. And usually a marathon to kick me in the butt. And for all my New Yorkers, WARMER WEATHER. As someone who refuses to run on a treadmill (I’ll brave an icy running path if I have to), the weather this time of year can really make or break my running spirit. So I wanted to share a few things that have been keeping me motivated lately, even on the bleakest of NYC winter days.

  1. An amazing playlist: I’m one of those people who makes playlists incessantly. For pretty much every occasion. So naturally, my number one motivating factor usually comes down to music. If I have an amazing playlist curated, or even a new-to-me, feel good song, then I’m 99% more motivated to get my ass out to run. I’ve shared my current go-to playlist down below, so if you’re in need of some jams that include the likes of AC/DC, Prince and Justin Timberlake — they I got you covered.
  2. Cute workout clothes: You may have guessed by now, but I love putting outfits together, so my workout gear is no different. I just scooped the Adidas by Stella McCartney set from Farfetch you see here and I love how insulated everything is, without adding extra bulk. When I feel extra confident in my workout gear, it makes throwing it on in the morning and heading out the door a breeze.
  3. Gloves and a headband for my ears: For all my New York girls, you’ll know what I mean here: if I don’t run with gloves and a headband in the winter, I’m miserable. There’s nothing worse than hitting mile 1 of your 3 mile run and realizing you can’t feel your fingers anymore. I used to get annoyed about having to put them on, now I just see it as part of my getup.

4. A scenic running path: Most days, I run along the Hudson River running path, heading south toward the One World Trade Center. No matter how many times I get out there at 6 or 7am, alongside the rest of my fellow New York runners, the view still takes my breath away a bit and I say to myself under my breath, “you live in New York!” — the inner 8-year girl in me practically squealing. Other days, I try to mix things up and head to the Brooklyn Bridge. Or the Central Park reservoir.

5. A support group: The other day on Insta Stories, I asked you guys who had run that particular day and how far they ran. I was so inspired by your guys’ responses (and workout regimens) that it made me that much more pumped to get out the following morning to get after it. Find yourself a running buddy if you can — even virtual ones! — and root each other on.

6. Think! I’ve always viewed my runs as great ME time to really clear my head, so when I hit a groove with my running routine, I genuinely look forward to getting dedicated time to just think. I’ll brainstorm. I’ll make to-do lists. I’ll storyboard out videos I want to film. And before I know it, my mind is generally no where near the thought of “oh man, how much further do I have to go?” but rather, “DAMN, that went by fast!”

How about you guys? How do you stay motivated when it comes to your fitness routine? Also, as side note, I was recently featured in FarFetch’s blog, with a few other ladies spilling on their workout motivation, head here to check it out! 


OUTFIT DETAILS: Adidas by Stella McCartney bra, jacket, and leggings (gifted) // Nike running shoes

Photos by Nora Varcho

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