unexpected date night plans

by Krystal Bick
February 13, 2018

No reservations for Valentine’s Day?

No problem. Because, really, let’s face it. Whether you’re planning an evening of pampering for one, a night out with the girls or a romantic dinner for two, snagging a ressie on February 14th is practically akin to nabbing that gold medal in the ski jump — that is to say, ODDS are against you, my friends. Especially in New York. True story: I’ve been laughed at before plenty of times in the past for inquiring about availability less than several weeks in advance — it’s rough out there and maître d’s have an interesting sense of humor.

But, does that mean you should let it get you down on the day of love? Nah, no way. Personally, I’ve always loved a good night of staying in (whether I’m single or not!) and ordering take out, while watching scary movies, but I’m also a sucker for getting dolled up for a night out with a special someone. This year, my guy and I decided to take a very diplomatic approach to the evening — I’m planning the first half of the night and he’s planning the second half, both will be a surprise for the other. I do love a good surprise date, the more unexpected the better, hence the inspiration for today’s brainstorm, ahem, post — all appropriate for a party of 1, party of 2 or party of as many girlfriends as you can gather!

  1. Movie and game night: Pick out some favorite movies (or binge a Netflix series) and round up your favorite board games. Personally, my evening would consist of Peaky Blinders and Scrabble.
  2. Night at the museum: Check the schedule for your local museums and see if there’s any Valentine’s Day programming (later hours, special tours). For example, the American Museum of Natural History has a star gazing event at their planetarium.
  3. Rooftop picnic: If you’re looking to do some of your own star gazing, plan a picnic for two (or a group of gals) out on whoever has the best rooftop space. Don’t forget extra blankets, pillows to sit on and something warm to sip (hot toddy’s perhaps?).

(Continued…keep scrolling!)

OUTFIT DETAILS: Hellessy dress (unavailable, but LOVE this red cocktail dress by the same designer) // Suistudio coat // Zara boots (sold out, but similar style here) // Chanel bag // & Other Stories earring mixed with a Lisi Lerch earring

4. Make it a throwback evening: This idea sparked from the desire to go ride Jane’s Carousel in Brooklyn, which I’ve NEVER done before and I love the idea of making an evening of it, i.e. video arcades, bowling, wax museum.

5. Sign up for a local neighborhood tour: Admittedly, this is another thing I’ve never done, but I’ve always been super curious whenever I pass a walking tour group here in the West Village. If you happen to live in an area where walking tours are pretty common, try researching a few that interest you. Ghost tours? Architecture tours? TV show related tours? 🙂

6. Head to a local concert (or two): We’re not talking Justin Timberlake tickets here (but if you manage to snag those, KUDOS), but rather, it’s the idea of finding a good little hole in the wall venue and cozying up for some live entertainment, be it jazz, open mic night or comedy.

7. Read aloud to each other from your favorite books: Now before you yawn at this one, hear me out. Gather up some of your favorite books (current or childhood, if available) and make it a wine book club sort of night. My guy and I started doing this a few weeks ago before heading to bed (I read Men Explain Things to Me to him), and it always made for really interesting conversation topics, not to mention great time away from our phones. Personally, I think some of my childhood favorites would make a fun evening — A Wrinkle in Time, Where the Sidewalk Ends…

8. At home spa night: Perfect for a party of one or, if you’re one of those lucky folks with a BIG bathtub, a party of two also works. Don’t forget extra bubbles, lots of candles, a bottle of wine and some tunes.

9. Dress up in your fanciest getup and get your favorite guilty pleasure pizza: And if all else fails with those dinner plans, you can still always throw on your FINEST outfit and head out for pizza. The guys at your local joint will appreciate the extra class you bring to the place. Or if you’re feeling a little lazy, you could just sit at home, watch your favourite movies and obviously order pizza. You don’t even have to leave the house or even get dressed up. You could invite your friends round if you don’t want to spend it alone. Everyone’s different, so of course all plans will vary.

Any unusual date night ideas you’d like to share?

Photos by Nora Varcho

8 thoughts on “unexpected date night plans

  1. I always enjoyed cooking a meal together – with girlfriends, sister, or bae – and that takes care of the no-reservations-left problem! 🙂

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