friday favorites: warm-weather getaways

by Nora Varcho
February 16, 2018



It’s about that time, right on cue. Winter is still in full, confusing swing here in NYC, and it’s beginning to feel as though it’s been going on for-ev-er. The past few months have been a mess of snowstorms, rain, hail, sleet, and the occasional (and typically welcome, ignoring global warming) near-6o-degree day. Suffice to say, this crazy weather has us dreaming of warm afternoons lounging on the beach, pleasant temperatures to explore cities, and sunshine abound. Time to start planning a trip, huh? These photos are from Krystal’s recent trip to L.A. and I am seriously craving some real vitamin D.

Do you have any upcoming winter getaway plans? If so, check out our picks below for our favorite things to pack for a warm-weather escape. If not, keep dreaming and it shall come true…

Photos by Lydia Hudgens

5 thoughts on “friday favorites: warm-weather getaways

  1. Gurl, this time of year I’m usually in Puerto Rico with my two daughters basking in the sun taking in the culture, people and food. But because of work constraints I have to envision myself there.Thank you for the beautiful pics.

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