friday favorites: winter weather essentials

by Nora Varcho
January 5, 2018

Coat: J. Crew Perfect Winter Parka (it really is perfect, and SO warm!)

Walking to lunch

My roommate and lovely friend Fallon (also an amazing makeup artist!)

Good news: we’ve made it to Friday! The first Friday after New Years always feels a long time coming — we were so recently on rest mode, and going back to full power for a week can be exhausting. Luckily, here in New York, we’ve been hit by the crazy Bomb Cyclone, which bestowed us with inches upon inches of snow. Which, of course, translates to: snow day! Yesterday, almost everyone had work or school off, and we got another, albeit brief, chance to relax post-holidays.

I spent the day meal prepping (I’m attempting the Whole30 diet for the first time this month!), listening to music, and sipping tea. Halfway through the afternoon, though, we realized it was time for lunch and decided to venture into the snowstorm. Our trek three blocks to one of our favorite neighborhood haunts felt like literally 5 miles — making me understand the true benefit of good winter gear! That means a warm coat, a great scarf, and boots with real traction (none of that smooth-soled business!). Slipping and sliding down the hills of Hamilton Heights would’ve been treacherous without a trusty pair of winter boots.

That being said, of course, we need our winter gear to not be completely frumpy — things that can ideally take us from snowstorm to board room, or coffee shop, or office, or classroom, with only the possibility of slight tweaks needed. Below, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite winter weather essentials, just in time to battle the upcoming cold front! Time to get cozy…




Photos by me, taken on my iPhone

4 thoughts on “friday favorites: winter weather essentials

  1. Just constantly nodding my head while I read this, as though you can actually see me. I learned far too late in life the value of investing in really great winter gear. I’m looking for an additional winter coat and this one definitely fits the bill.

    Stay warm out there! xo

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