friday favorites: statement boots

by Nora Varcho
January 26, 2018

OUTFIT DETAILS: Kenneth Cole boots // Madewell jeans // Daily Edited bag // ASOS belt // Vintage Elvis t-shirt (similar here) // Mackage leather jacket

I’m just going to come out and say it: winter is the bane of my existence. I know, I know — some people love it, and I can see why you would. Snow is pretty (until it turns to layers and layers of dirty slush), it’s fun to be bundled (except when you can’t feel your toes), and…well, there, I’m out of reasons. I’m much more of an autumn person, when everything is crisp and burnt orange and smells like cinnamon and pumpkin.

But, that being said, I do love a lot of the fashion opportunities that winter (unexpectedly!) presents. Of course, if you live anywhere east of, well, the west coast, winter means huge snow boots, puffy coats lined with faux fur, and hats and scarves galore. But, there are those miracle winter days in which the sun comes out, the snow melts a bit, and you can break out your favorite outerwear accessories to show off before the sidewalks get too slippery again.

Specifically, I’m talking statement boots.

I remember when I studied abroad in Paris, I had to sacrifice my many winter coats for suitcase space; I only brought one J.Crew coat with me for my nearly five months in France. Almost every single photo of me during that time was in that coat (spoiler: “spring” in Paris doesn’t start until about May, which is when I was conveniently headed back to the states), and by the end of my stay, all I wished was that I had anything else to wear over my otherwise cute outfits.

Enter: the best statement boots.

If you only have one or two winter coats (which, as Krystal showcased here, are another great part of winter style) like me, statement boots are a great way to show winter who’s boss.

They can pack enough punch in a small enough space to really make an outfit stand out, while still being (semi) functional, especially if they have a low heel or are made of a sturdy leather. On those miracle winter days, statement boots are the best way to prove that yes, underneath all of thoselayers, I am wearing a slammin’ outfit!

We’ve been absolutely fawning over these pairs of Kenneth Cole booties — they are so comfortable while also being the perfect addition to my cold-weather outfits. I wore the white ones on my first day back to classes and got so many compliments, and we all know Krystal has been the conductor of the white-boot-trend-train, for good reason. Consider me a convert!

My favorite thing about these boots is the detail — from gems to sparkles, I’m all about putting a bit of surprise and fun into an everyday outfit. My favorite way to style them is actually with a more casual outfit, like jeans and a t-shirt. However, I love the idea of the gem-heeled booties with a midi dress for an easy day-to-night look.

So, tell me. What is your favorite winter accessory that you use to jazz up dreary weather? Find the rest of my favorite winter statement boots below and let me know what you think!


Photos by Alec Battistoni

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