how to dress like meghan markle

by Krystal Bick
January 24, 2018

If you were to look at my Netflix recommended shows…

…there would be two common themes. The first? Would focus on all true-crime shows. Making a Murderer. The Jinx. Forensic Files. And the second? Would focus on all things British and especially British Royalty. Pride & Prejudice. Downton Abbey. The Crown. While I’m not entirely sure what the two together say about me or my interests, for the sake of today’s post, let’s talk about the latter.

My mom probably sparked my initial love for British TV dramas — Upstairs Downstairs was practically Downton’s predecessor and it’s still one of her favorites to watch on repeat. And if we’re being really honest here, I cried my eyes out at several points during Downton Abbey, namely when Matthew dies (I yelled at the screen first and then cried) and also at the finale episode. So naturally, over the years, I’ve taken a keen interest in the Royal family: after all, Queen Elizabeth has incredible taste in dogs making us practically soul sisters and I’ve always had a little crush on Prince Harry, even though red heads aren’t really my thing.

Of course, now that Meghan Markle (an American, gasp!), is on the scene, I’m already excited to see how writers of The Crown incorporate her into the storyline and moreover, who they’ll cast to play her (my money is on Zoe Saldana). Since we can only speculate on both those fronts for now, I figured today we’d have a bit of celebrity dress up fun and chat about how to achieve HRH’s look.

Side note: I don’t do this very often (that being celebrity style write ups), but I have to say, I’m pretty obsessed with Meghan Markle’s style at the moment so I hope you guys don’t mind. 🙂

Sound good? Let’s begin!

(Keep scrolling down below)

  1. Meghan’s street style is pretty classic as is and I love how she’s embracing (dare we say, having fun?!) with princess silhouettes with a twist. Her almost floor length coat choices with midi length skirts and boots (like this ensemble) are pretty much all I want to wear this winter. This particular outfit I’m wearing here is a great example.
  2. She loves a good monochromatic moment. Like this number.
  3. You all know I’m obsessed with my Sarah Flint pumps so I was excited to see Ms. MM sporting hers practically everywhere!
  4. Meghan knows a good Self-Portrait dress when she sees one — unsurprisingly, it’s now sold out. But this one is a close dead ringer.
  5. She understands the importance of a good belted silhouette. See here, here and here. Don’t forget, if your coat doesn’t already have a built in belt, you can always add your own on top. I add my Gucci belt to pretty much everything.
  6. It wouldn’t be a Royal party without some fun hats, am I right? I loved her whole Christmas ensemble here, but of course, that Philip Treacy hat stole the show. The price tag for one of those alone will set you far back, but I did find some statement berets here, here and here that should hold you over the next time you’re planning to meet the Queen.
  7. Speaking of that Christmas outfit, she’s making me really want another pair of Stuart Weitzman boots in this color.
  8. One of her more recent outfits included this plaid off the shoulder Theory jacket, which is, as you might have guessed, sold out now. But fear not, here are a few similar off the shoulder jackets and blazers: here, here and here.

Any favorite outfits of hers that I missed? Let me know in the comments below!

In the meantime, this has got me thinking, since my best friend now lives in London, I think I have the perfect excuse to hop over the pond just in time for their Royal nuptials in May. I’ll see you soon at your flat, Heather!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Sarah Seven coat (similar style here) // Anthropologie beret (similar style here) // Zara boots (similar style and price point here) // Vintage clutch (similar style here) // Vintage sunglasses from Melbourne (similar style here) // Gucci belt

Photos by Nora Varcho

6 thoughts on “how to dress like meghan markle

  1. Loving this! As an American living in London , she is seriously making me want to up my winterwear game (I also want to be her friend haha)! Her gorgeous looks are actually practical during our mild winters and your tips are really helpful for figuring out what I already have that I can put to fabulous use. Thanks, Krystal!

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