friday favorites: for your thanksgiving soirées

by Nora Varcho
November 17, 2017

T’was the week before Thanksgiving, and all through the apartment, every fashion maven was scrolling through the shoe department…

That’s how it goes, right? 🙂

Thanksgiving is one of the best times of the year. A day filled with family, friends, food, and festivities — what could be better? One of my favorite things about the holiday is the way everyone has different traditions. For some, the entire extended family piles into this year’s host’s home, where folding tables have been placed strategically throughout the dining and living rooms, decked out in pretty linens and lined with autumnal centerpieces. Food is served in big dishes, and everyone chats happily as they pile their plates high with corn pudding and mashed potatoes. These are my personal favourite food, I’m forever making them for myself. There is an art to it that I like to think I have mastered, and I’m sure you can too. First, find out how to choose the best potato masher because your tools make all the difference. Photos are snapped throughout the day, joy captured in quick squares, and everyone contentedly collapses on the couch to watch movies and play games. Turkey and gravy is best paired with luxe loungewear, to remain comfortable yet chic while consuming every side dish in sight.

For others, it’s Friendsgiving, potlucked and cozy, recounting tales of past Thanksgivings and maybe trying to recreate that Friends episode where Joey gets the turkey stuck on his head. A proud but exhausted master chef, covered in flour from her three delicious homemade pies, looks lovingly at her friends gathered around her table in her tiny apartment. She wears heels even though she’s inside paired with an oversized sweater, and reapplies her red lipstick while no one is looking.

And then there are the Thanksgiving orphans, with all friends leaving town and no desire to cook, who end up in a snug, homey restaurant in the corner of the city, grateful they decided to remain open on the holiday and serve 3-course dinners. Dressed up in cocktail attire and a chic coat draped over her shoulders, she sips warm mulled cider by the flickering firelight and smiles at her Thanksgiving companion.

So, which type of Thanksgiving celebration is your favorite? What is the fondest tradition you practice each year? How will you be spending the day next week? And, importantly, what are you wearing? See my picks below for the perfect outfit to match your own unique festivities.

Family Affair

ft. Everlane’s everyday cashmere


ft. cozy Vince knits

Date Night Thanksgiving

ft. the perfect red coat

Check back in next week for the things we’re thankful for over here at TTT.

Have a great weekend!



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