a week in the life

by Krystal Bick
February 15, 2017

A few weeks back, you might have spied on Instagram that I was working on a shoot with the folks over at Uniqlo. A bit of back story with Uniqlo: I first learned about the brand when my ex-boyfriend many moons ago was hopping around Japan and sent me a quick email asking me what I wanted from this Japanese brand he had discovered. I flipped through their website and fell in love with all their basics and needless to say, sent that poor guy a very long list that undoubtedly challenged his limited Japanese.

Fast forward many years later and now living in New York, I’ve fallen back in love with the brand (I mean, their heat tech is unbeatable for NYC winters!) so I was beyond excited when they asked me to participate in a full day shoot to showcase how I style their pieces throughout my week. From walking Elvis around the West Village, to hanging out at home while listening to records, I love how these photos came together to tell a little “day in the life” story. You can see the full story and Q&A I did with them right this way. Hope you enjoy!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Look #1: Alexander McQueen jacket // Uniqlo oversized shirt // Stuart Weitzman boots // Olympia Le-Tan clutch // Celine sunglasses // Look #2: Uniqlo oversized shirt // Uniqlo leggings // Prada flats // Look #3: Uniqlo blouse // Uniqlo joggers // Miu Miu flats // Look #4: Uniqlo sweater // Uniqlo leggings // Look #5: Uniqlo hoodie // Uniqlo t-shirt // Uniqlo pants // Matt Bernson sneakers // Celine sunglasses

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