wish you were here

by Krystal Bick
January 27, 2017

Have you ever had one of those trips that you wish you could just do over? Perhaps it’s for the sake of watching that sunset over the ocean just one more time. Or perhaps it’s to enjoy another decadent cocktail with your nose in a book. Or maybe you want to run into the waves again, reckless and laughing all the while. That feeling of waking up with salt in your hair and the sun warming your face after a mid-afternoon nap? Yep, you want to do that again, too. Next time around you’ll wake up earlier for a sunrise. Next time around you’ll check your phone less. Next time around you’ll swing longer in that hammock. Next time around, you’ll listen to more Leonard Cohen while sitting in the jacuzzi, as a full moon shines down on your face. Next time around you’ll savor every minute just a bit tighter and just a bit longer, because you can and you should.

If I could, I would jump at the chance to hop back down to Curtain Bluff down in Antigua. For all the reasons above. And many more.

Hope you enjoy this little photo diary! Huge thanks to the Curtain Bluff team for having me!


OUTFIT DETAILS: Vix swimsuit // Foberini blue dress and white dress // Lola hat

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