the games

by Krystal Bick
January 24, 2017

These photos are somewhat bittersweet for me, because they’re from the very last stop of our Mediterranean Cruise with Royal Caribbean: that being Olympia, Greece where the first Olympic Games were hosted back in 776 BC. These photos are also somewhat bittersweet, because we snapped them literally minutes before a torrential downpour left all of us running and sprinting back through the ruins to the buses at the entrance of the park. It’s funny how moments like that when you’re traveling, completely unplanned and seemingly less than ideal when they happen, can actually make the trip. We were all soaked, our hair drenched, dresses dripping with rain water and yet, when we all made it back to the bus, we couldn’t help but laugh. In a way, it seemed fitting it happened on our very last day in a place like Olympia, where I imagine the games would continue, rain or shine, many, many years ago.

Of course, the downpour was no match for our traditional Greek lunch that followed in the nearby town of Kataklon, where yours truly happened to participate in a little folk dancing. I may have even thrown a plate or two and said, “OPA!”

OUTFIT DETAILS: Sarah Lai dress // M. Gemi sandals (sold out, but I’m tempted by this pair!) // Celine sunglasses

Photos by Angie Silvy


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