mykonos mirage

by Krystal Bick
January 17, 2017

What I wouldn’t give to just hop back over to Greece right about now, specifically Mykonos. From the whitewashed walls to the bright pastel doors, from the cats around every corner to the sparkling, movie-ready beaches, it felt like we were walking around in a dream the minute we docked at shore. For the third major stop of our Mediterranean Cruise with Royal Caribbean, I was excited to finally check this island off my list and it certainly lives up to the hype. A mirage of an island, beckoning the European jet setting class, where the catch of the day is unbeatably fresh, spiraling blue staircases down each alleyway make you dizzy and Aegean Sea is always the perfect temperature.

Have you guys been before? What did you think?

OUTFIT DETAILS: Johanna Ortiz top // Citizens of Humanity jeans // Janessa Leone hat // Express flats // Celine sunglasses

Photos by Angie Silvy

13 thoughts on “mykonos mirage

  1. Love all of these photos and always such great travel style! You are giving me Greece fever. I definitely need to make it over there within the next 2 years. Would love to travel with you one day!

    xo Naty

  2. Wow Greece is so beautiful. You look amazing. Your outfit matches perfectly with the feel and vibe of Greece. I plan on traveling there one day with my boyfriend! <3

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