bradshaw & heirlooms

by Krystal Bick
November 30, 2016




When I moved to New York, I remember telling the first broker I met exactly what I was looking for in my new big girl apartment in the city:

“It has to be in the West Village, preferably off of Bleecker Street.”

“Lots of great, natural light.”

“Dog friendly.”

“Oh, and lots of closet space. Preferably a walk in.”

To my last request, I could literally feel the well-intentioned eye-roll on the other side of the phone call. His response?

“Great, so this is what you and every other girl who watched a tad too much ‘Sex & The City’ wants out of an apartment. Shouldn’t be a problem at all.”

To be fair, Carlos had a point — I was being unrealistic. But he ended up being the best broker a girl looking for her West Village apartment could ask for and we eventually found me the perfect studio right off Bleecker Street. And while I had to compromise on a few things (namely the closet space or lack thereof) it’s been a dream to walk home to the West Village every day, just blocks away from Carrie’s infamous brownstone walkup.

And I’d be lying if there weren’t times that I somewhat dress the part — paying homage to some of my favorite Bradshaw sartorial moments as I walk the cobblestone streets here. Multiple strands of pearls. Manolos. Oversized flower pins. Slip dresses. And, with winter now here, her oversized fur coat that she would often wear just sitting outside on her stoop, shopping bags in tow. I mean, remember this scene from the episode with the politician who had a weird sexual fetish?

We’ve chatted about fur coats here on This Time Tomorrow before. I own one mink coat, a gift from my mother who felt I would get much more wear out of it here in New York than she was getting out of it in Reno. I remember, as a little girl, seeing her wear that coat and loving how regal she looked in it. It was a gift from my dad and it still makes me think of how I felt when my parents would return home from a night at the theater, my mom dolled up for the evening. She looked divine in it and when I occasionally don it here in New York on bitterly cold days, I feel close to her, even though she’s all the way on the other side of the country.

Admittedly, I’m a faux fur kind of girl in my normal day to day, but there’s something very sentimental about the fur coat my mother gave me — a family heirloom that I likely will want to pass along to my future daughter someday. And if/when the time comes to perhaps invest in a new family heirloom of my own to pass down (in addition to my mother’s vintage coat), I’m always impressed by the selection of Maximilian coats at Bloomingdales. Each piece is luxurious and well-crafted. And, as with any good heirloom, meant to last years. This coat in particular makes me think of how my mom must have felt when my dad gifted her my vintage coat years ago. Of course, as I said before in my previous post last year: as with any piece like a real fur or real leather coat (whether you buy new or vintage), I think it’s important to treat it as a serious investment, one not to be made in vain, and to be passed along for years to come.

And, if you’re taking another page from Carrie’s book, it can be worn time and time again, even with your pajamas to meet your friends on New Year’s Eve.




OUTFIT DETAILS: Maximilian coat borrowed from Bloomingdales // Sarah Lai dress // Olympia Le-Tan clutch // Express heels // Celine sunglasses // Vintage pearls from my mother 


This post was in collaboration with Bloomingdales and ShopStyle. As always, all opinions and styling are my own. Thank you for supporting all This Time Tomorrow collaborations!

Photos by Lydia Hudgens

10 thoughts on “bradshaw & heirlooms

    • Sorry, but I can’t support the real mink fur. I’ve been a loyal reader for 8 years, but I really wish you didn’t support animal cruelty/captivity just for the fashion/sponsorship. This post makes me question why I follow you as our values are not aligned. I’m fine with vintage coats, as those are from practices long ago, but it makes me sad that you would promote new mink coats for a sponsorship. Find a glamorous vintage coat to make the same point or use faux fur instead.

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