a natural touch

by Krystal Bick
November 28, 2016




I have a confession: I was definitely one of those girls, that until about a few years ago (well after college, mind you), didn’t really wear makeup consistently (from blush, to foundation, eye brow pencils etc.). As someone who shares her image online almost on a daily basis, that may come as a shock or a surprise to some of you. The truth is, I honestly think all of us will eventually look back on this time of our lives and wonder why the heck we ever bothered with makeup in the first place, but hell, I’ll leave that to my 87-year old self to wonder, when she reads back through this many years later.

But soap boxes aside, I think my inexperience with makeup in general came from just pure lack of exposure. My mom definitely wore makeup while I was growing up, but thankfully has beautiful skin, so I never saw her wearing much. In fact, to this day, she doesn’t wear much at all and while it’s perhaps stunted my makeup know-how, it’s given me some great genes to look forward to as I age. That said, as you can imagine, I’m not much into statement makeup. I tend to shy away from eyeshadows and liners (out of fear that I’m usually applying it wrong) and outside of a great mascara and the occasional red lip, I keep things pretty clean and simple. It works for me and my aesthetic — leaving me feeling comfortable and confident in my own (but somewhat improved-looking) skin! And hey, isn’t that 75% of the point of makeup in the first place?

So when the folks over at Givenchy asked me to try out a few of their newest cornerstone products, that being their Prisme Visage Perfecting Face Powder and their Rouge Interdit Vinyl Color Enhancing Lipstick in Noir Révélateur , I wanted to make sure I wasn’t in over my head. Are these products that help enhance my best self — seamlessly and effortlessly? Or will I be left looking up many, many tutorials on YouTube with absolutely no clue how to best apply or harness?

Luckily for me (and for you!), it was the former, not the latter.

Both products have been easy additions to the normal routine and here’s essentially why, first starting with the powder. It’s a powerful two in one — make for easy contouring (pretty much paint by numbers fool-proof for contouring rookies like me!) or an even all over tonal coverage when you sweep all four colors on at once. If you’re anything like me, you may be wondering ‘What’s Contouring, and Why Would I Want to do it?‘ but trust me, this technique is valuable to know if you’re looking for a great make-up routine. I’ve been bouncing back and forth between the Dentelle Beige palette (shade #4) and the Popeline Rose palette (shade #3), both have great warmth and tonal range — and especially for my touch ups or just lighter makeup days, they’re the perfect go-to. Plus, all shades are made with silk extract infused in them, which is said to help make for a smooth to the touch appearance.

As for the Rouge Interdit Vinyl Lipstick? I’m currently using “Noir Révélateur” which I’m absolutely obsessed with. You’ve probably noticed I opt for nude to slightly rose shades for my lips, with a dramatic lash look (I love playing up my eyelashes), so this lipstick has been the perfect non-color, color. It really acts as a beautiful stain to your lips with subtle plumping qualities, leaving your pout second skin soft and supple from the black rose oil. I personally hate applying lipstick throughout the day, but crave a hint of color past lipgloss. This bad boy is the perfect hybrid.

Have you guys tried either product? Would love to hear your thoughts! If you’re looking to try them out, you can snag them all at Sephora.







This post was in collaboration with Givenchy. As always, all opinions and styling are my own. Thank you for supporting all This Time Tomorrow collaborations!

Photos by Alisha Siegel

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