postcards from turks & caicos

by Krystal Bick
June 13, 2016



I was midflight, somewhere over Oklahoma likely, on my way back to New York from Vegas, when my friend, Antonietta (who you met here), texted me. I took a break from my emails to peek at her iMessage.

“Want to meet us in Turks & Caicos tomorrow?”

My knee-jerk reaction was to 1.) get excited and then 2.) feel disappointed, because who does that? Plan last minute trips, while midair from another trip? Certainly not this girl. And certainly not this girl who has a manager at an office somewhere to check in with. I most certainly had to decline the offer.

And then I had to remind myself, I’m not that girl anymore. I make my own hours. I answer to myself. I can work from practically anywhere, as long as the wifi signal is strong enough. While this lifestyle comes with its own extreme ups and downs (all of which I’m still adjusting to), I think one of the main aspects I appreciate most is the freedom to roam that it allows. It’s something that I always craved while working in a corporate environment and now that I have it, it’s something I have to remind myself that I have. Funny how that works, huh?

Of course, it all comes with a good amount of due diligence and responsibility. I have to be realistic with myself, what I can afford and what makes sense for my content direction. But when those stars align (stars that I worked hard for, mind you), I’ve been telling myself to just say YES more. That’s why I took this big leap of faith in the first place, after all. All of which, wouldn’t be possible, if it weren’t for you, dear readers, to help me get there. For that, THANK YOU. Truly.

So what did I do? I texted Antonietta back…

“I’ll see you there tomorrow.”









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