funny face

by Krystal Bick
November 17, 2015

First outfit: Jumpsuit: Self-Portrait; Heels: Steve Madden; Bag: Olympia Le-Tan; Sunglasses: Celine; Jacket: Alexander McQueen; Bracelet: Miansai; Earrings: Yvel
Second outfit: Dress: Self-Portrait; Heels: Steve Madden; Bag: Chanel; Sunglasses: Celine; Bracelet: Miansai; Earrings: Yvel
I recently went out to grab coffee with a friend visiting from San Francisco (hey, Roya!) and she happened to pay me the biggest compliment ever. Like ever. To the point it practically made my day, no, week probably.
We were talking about our personal style, how it’s evolved over the years and whose style we absolutely admired. Offhandedly, she mentioned that my style reminded her of a modern day Audrey Hepburn.
A few things happened next. First, I practically spit out my coffee, blushed and told her she was crazy. Meanwhile, my inner 13-year old self who was obsessed with Breakfast at Tiffany’s (and still am to this day!), wanted to jump up and down and hug her. (Roya, remind me, I still owe you a hug the next time I see you!)
This rambling story is all to say, that I, like pretty much every other girl with Netflix access in middle school, have always admired Audrey Hepburn. I’ve read numerous biographies about her, have dressed up as Holly Golightly for Halloween more times than I can count and I may have gone on a wild goose chase throughout New York when I first moved to find Embryo Concepts, the book store where Jo Stockton works in Funny Face (sadly, it’s a fictional store).
Above all though, and again, like most other girls my age, her style is what remains timeless for me, both sartorially speaking and her energy as a person. Graceful, elegant and always classic — her poise seemed to exude far beyond just a character in a movie. It was her.
Where am I going with this? Well, I like to think whenever I’m donning a little evening attire (like these two Self Portrait numbers I recently picked up thanks to Luisa Via Roma) and hopping around the Upper East Side, I should swing by Tiffany’s on my way back home. And give Sally Tomato the weather report. Oh, and of course, make sure to feed Cat.
While we’re on the subject of evening attire, if you scoot over to Luisa Via Roma now, they’re offering 15% off side-wide with the code SHOP15. Some exclusions apply (but those included, are goodies — Valentino, Givenchy, Marant — the gang’s all here!). Run, don’t walk; sale ends on 11/26.

This post was in collaboration with Luisa Via Roma and ShopStyle. As always, all opinions and styling are my own. Thank you for supporting all This Time Tomorrow collaborations! 

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