manic monday

by Krystal Bick
March 24, 2014

I often get asked how I balance blogging and working full time. The short answer? I don’t manage it very well. Between early morning wake up calls for meetings and long commute times in the evenings, fitting in outfit shots, editing photos and even managing to look semi-presentable (let alone photo-worthy), gets hard when you work full time. I’m probably preaching to the choir when I say this, but sleep is usually the first thing to go.
What’s saved me over the years though (aside from lots of coffee), is: 1.) a patient boyfriend who doesn’t mind taking outfit shots on the weekends and 2.) a go-to, no brainer routine. In our apartment, most mornings are pretty manic (read: we’re both rushing around, checking email on our phones and making to-go breakfasts all while brushing our teeth usually). What gets me out the door on time? Short cuts. Let me explain… 
When it comes to getting my outfit ready for most days, I tend to literally walk into my closet and grab the first thing that I get excited about. Sometimes it’s a new piece (like this Isabel Marant jacket I scored from The RealReal) and sometimes it’s an old favorite that the works wonders with a little blazer and heels. For work, more often than not, I’m usually in some combination of cropped skinny jeans, a silky or slouchy blouse, a statement jacket and nude heels. It’s put together but still comfortable for my more casual work environment. 
I always wash my hair in the evenings, never in the mornings. For gals with thick hair, you feel my pain. Drying time = a major time suck and generally, my hair will look super frizzy if I blow dry it and try to curl it without letting it relax first. Plus, washing it the night before and sleeping on it gives me a little extra wave (I like to call it bedhead wave) which cuts my curl time down. These days, I’ve been all about wrapping my hair around my curling iron instead of clamping — more to come on this soon. I’m working on a tutorial now. In general though, I will do my hair first, before my makeup, to give it a bit of time to settle and relax.
Lots and lots of hairspray and finger combing.
As for makeup, for those of you who tuned in last week, I shared my recent beauty favorites here. What I constantly look for my makeup routine are products that last me throughout the day and require minimal to no touch ups. Since I’m often away from my apartment for close to 12 hours on any given work day, it’s important to me to have lasting beauty staples that keep me feeling fresh-faced and natural-looking all day. I’ve introduced TEMPTU to you guys before (remember this video?) and am officially now hooked on not only how easy it is to apply (2-3 minutes max for foundation, blush and highlighter) but how flawless it looks, even after multiple meetings, presentations and a couple of shuttle rides. It goes the extra mile and stays put and I couldn’t ask for more. 
Practice makes perfect! 
As for accessories, I’m getting my routine pretty fine tuned here as well. Gold rings. Gold necklaces and a few gold bracelets. Have I mentioned I like gold jewelry? πŸ˜‰ And I’m out the door! What does your morning routine look like?
Har details: Conair curling iron 1/2″ and lots of TRESemme hairspray 
This post is sponsored by TEMPTU. As always, all opinions and styling are my own. Thank you for supporting posts that keep This Time Tomorrow’s doors open.

25 thoughts on “manic monday

  1. Thanks for the blogging/time management tips! The Isabel Marant jacket you got from The Real Real is AMAZING, I scored a Dolce & Gabbana trench coat from that site and I just blogged about it yesterday πŸ™‚ I love following your blog because you're not just a fashion inspiration, you're career and travel adventures are equally inspiring as well! Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

    xo, coco | MILLENNIELLE.COM

  2. Love this post Krystal – my mornings look a lot like yours but with a dog walk thrown in… gah – work/blog/life balanace is an act I have yet to perfect!


  3. For someone who says she can't manage her time well, you seem to have everything under control! With my hectic schedule I sadly fail to blog as much as I want to. Thanks for the sneak peek of your usual routine!

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