hair tutorial: wavy bob

by Krystal Bick
June 5, 2012

For the past few months or so since cutting my hair short, I’ve received numerous emails from you guys asking just how I style my curly waves. Being a relatively bone-straight hair girl myself, I’ve always been inclined to wear my hair with some type of curl in it, be it beachy waves or more defined spirals. We always want what we don’t have, right? 
That said though, I hardly consider myself much of a hair guru and in fact, I’m pretty darn lost when it comes to styling anything that takes more than 30 minutes in the morning (hanging head in shame). So hopefully, what follows is easy enough to replicate and adapt for yourself and your hair type. 
As for my hair type? The “before” photo you see above is what my hair looks like with little to no styling done to it. Since my hair is very thick, I generally wash my hair in the evenings, drying it before I go to bed. This allows it time to relax, making it much easier to manage in the morning! 
So without further ado…
1.) Before beginning, I’d like to note that I mentally divide my hair into three sections: left, right and the (dreaded) back section. I say “mentally” only because, while I’ve tried sectioning my hair with hair clips, I’ve found that I like sorting curled sections and non-curled sections apart by hand as it helps relax the curl and in the end, makes it look more natural. I suggest trying both ways and see what works best for you and what you’re most comfortable with.
With that in mind, I take a 3/4″ inch curling iron (I use this one by Conair) and start on my left side, with the top layers and face framing layers first, then make my way to the layers underneath. Since cutting my hair shorter, I’ve had to get used to taking much smaller chunks of hair to curl at a time. My general rule of thumb is to keep each section you curl right around the width of a pencil for top layers and a bit larger for bottom layers (about the width of a marker). 
When curling, I always make sure to leave a small portion of hair (about 1/4″) outside the curling iron’s clamp and I curl toward the back of my head. I repeat this until I’ve curled much of the left side of my head. (Leave the back portion alone for now.) 
2.) Now I comb through my curls with my fingers, making sure to separate them a bit. I don’t spritz hair spray just yet though — we’ll save that for later.
3.) and 4.) At this point, I repeat what I did on the left side to the right side, making sure to still curl toward the back of my head. Which brings me to the aforementioned back of the head. This section kills me every time but luckily, since we’re going for a more relaxed overall wave, it doesn’t need to be perfect. Just try to keep the same size sections as you were on the right and left sides and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you eventually get the hang of it (I promise!).
Once I think I’ve covered all my bases, I usually enlist the help of the man friend to check the back (important to make sure that whoever you ask is actually looking and not checking their iPad or some other distraction instead). 
After this, I leave the curling iron plugged in, do another round of finger combing and go about my morning. Since I like to let the curls fall and relax naturally, I find that the best time to spritz hair spray is right before I leave, about 15 -20 minutes after I’ve finished curling. Sometimes, I’ll do a few last minute touch ups and re-curl the top layers if I want more definition, otherwise, I’m ready to head out the door!

82 thoughts on “hair tutorial: wavy bob

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  1. I wish my hair would do this! Another case of not having what you want but my hair is anything but thick 🙁 You look fantastic both ways.x

    ♥ ThankFifi

  2. great tutorial! since I chopped my hair off I've been scared to curl it for fear of looking like a poodle…lol but I'll have to get over that and try it out! Love your hair!

  3. This is EXACTLY the look I've been going for! My hair is the same length as yours, but just not naturally straight. It's a wavy mess. So I've been curling it with my flat iron. Sounds counterproductive, but my flat iron has curved sides, so it lets you wrap the hair around it and it comes out somewhat similar to yours. I'm going to invest in a REAL curling iron, though. I think it will look even better. 🙂

  4. I love your hair! I'm still not brave enough to just chop mine off but after Lucky FABB I went to my hair appointment and cut about 2 inches off. It was at armpit length for awhile but now it's starting to grow back a bit. I don't think I can be brave as you – but you pull off the short hair perfect! Oh, and do you only use spritz hair spray? Or aerosol? I got a BUNCH of Aussie spritz hair spray from a contest at FABB and I don't use spritz…so if you want it – it's all yours!

    xoxo, Kelly

  5. Thank you for this Krystal! I always liked your hairdo a lot, but this cut is really phenomenal! I actually have curly hair, but it's thin with frizzy poodle-y curls so I always blow them straight… which takes about 20-30 minutes. I always thought that styling nice wavy curls would take a lot longer, but looks like it's 30 minutes as well! What kind of spray do you use?

  6. I am so glad you posted this! I'm getting ready to donate my hair and when I cut it short, I was worried I wouldn't have any alternatives to down and straight. I think your hair looks great either way, though… Thanks!

  7. What's funny Krystal is I thought your hair was the other way around: naturally wave and when it was straight you'd gone to get it done at the salon! I love your hair both ways. And as I am your official copycatter, I'm actually considering chopping my locks for this cute do of yours. ;D


  8. Hey there Krystal! I love this tutorial- actually needed something like this! Since I'm naturally a curly haired gal, I never before used an iron unless it was to straighten , but I find myself drawn to a perfectly curled curl! So this is def helpful!

    x carlina

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