frames for your face

by Krystal Bick
November 4, 2011

All photos by Kim
As someone who has just recently begun to grow out her bangs, I’m the first to admit I had grown accustomed to being pretty hands off about my eyebrow upkeep (read: downright lazy — hey, they were tucked behind some heavy fringe after all). Luckily while I was in New York for Fashion Week a couple of months back now, Kim and I had the chance to visit the kind and knowledgable folks over at Shobha, to whip me back into tip-top eyebrow shape.
Not only was the experience all together painless (I had my doubts about threading, trust me) but their staff was very quick to explain everything in detail, step by step to help me better understand how to literally frame my face with a few, very simple eyebrow shaping tips. This being my first threading appointment, I can safely say I’ll be on the hunt for a good salon in my neck of the woods in San Francisco (and, of course, visit Shobha when I’m back in NYC)!
Huge thanks to Heather from Shobha for inviting Kim and I out. Amazing how a little pampering goes a long way, right?
How about you guys? Have any eyebrow maintenance tips? Or perhaps threading salons you swear by?

17 thoughts on “frames for your face

  1. I rarely did anything with mine, until about a year ago when the women doing my nails looked at me and goes "you come back and I do your eyebrows now"…..I had not mentioned it the whole time we were talking, it must have been bad! Beautiful top picture
    xo emily

  2. I have an eyebrow place in every city I frequent, but when I am in Baltimore for school I go to Usha Spa, she is the best in Baltimore and occasionally I am lucky enough to have Usha herself make a masterpiece of my eyebrows!

  3. I am so happy I found good threaders in my area. Once I started I knew I'd never do anything else. Blush Beauty Bar is basically my knight in shining white thread! I keep trying to convince my friends how much better it is than waxing, but so far no one has taken the bait.

  4. I have never waxed my eyebrows as I'm scared that it will be an experience gone wrong and I'm left with no eyebrows at all! I pluck mine religiously, and a trip to the Armani counter at Neiman Marcus saved my brows. The makeup artist said I had a good natural brow and to just fill them in just a bit to create a more natural/full effect. I swear by this eyebrow pencil. It's pretty genius:


  5. I was also very relaxed about my eyebrow maintenance for a long time, but recently I decided it was time to tame those beasts. I now get them waxed every four week and it's amazing how something so simple can have such an effect. It's an instant polish.
    After waxing I always walk down the street with my head held high, even though my face may be a little red or puffy haha

  6. In England you can struggle to find good places to thread your eyebrows… I converted after I started dating my Indian boyfriend, whose family praise the wonders of threading. I get mine done at Selfridges in Manchester – at a brow bar called Blink. The manager is fantastic at threading and tinting my fair eyebrows, and making them look thicker than they actually are. I feel so much more made up after my monthly trip!

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