what’s in my bag?

by Krystal Bick
August 11, 2011

They say you can learn a lot about someone just by looking through the contents of their purse, so when the lovely folks over at Rachel Roy sent me this darling quilted Rachel Rachel Roy bag — I figured it was the perfect time to spill. My must-haves that is.  Here’s a little about what I have to tote with me during the day to feel ready for everything I have to tackle:

1.) My iPhone goes everywhere — without it, I’m practically missing my left arm! (I’m left handed.) My favorite apps? Twitter, Instagram, Yelp and, of course, Words with Friends.

2.) Assortment of business cards, necessary for those after-work events when I don’t have time to run back home and grab some. Speaking of my business cards, I just ordered some new ones from a company like Metal Kards. They look so much more professional than my old ones and I can’t wait to start handing them out at my next event.

3.) You all know I love my sunglasses — especially this pair of Karen Walkers. They’re glued to my face whenever I head out the door.

4.) Two types of lipstick, one bright pop of color (I love Revlon’s “Persian Melon”, the other a more neutral, day time appropriate color (Chanel’s “Monte Carlo”). You never know what may come up after work that you might need to glam up for.

5.) Small, compact wallet. This particular cobalt blue one is from H&M. While I’ve never been much of a wallet person (it’s usually just where my receipts go to die), I think I’m ready to invest in a nice one. I’m not sure which brand I want to buy but I think I’ll need to get quite a big one. I’m struggling to fit much in this wallet at the minute!! Any suggestions?

6.) Always, always, always have a book on me. I love being able to pop it out and read a few pages while on the bus to work.

7.) My Moleskin. I like to take notes. A LOT of notes. About a lot of random things. This one in particular I’ve been filing away everything from to-do lists to outfit ideas — sometimes when the mood strikes ya, you just have to write it down!

8.) Keys. Must have these. Landlord does NOT like it when I bug her to let me into the building because I forgot said keys.

9.) As for the random bottom contents of the purse, it’s usually an assortment of bobby pins and hair ties. Because my hair is a beast to tame! Trust me!

Want to see what I wore with this trusty tote? Stay tuned later this morning — outfit post to follow!

12 thoughts on “what’s in my bag?

  1. I really love Rachel Roy's Rachel line- its very chic and the prices are accessible. I have a great pair of platform pumps from RRR, super high and they are super comfortable- best of both worlds!

  2. Love what's in my bag posts!
    For a wallet, I suggest a simple Cole Haan. They're typically pretty classic looking, nice leather and not so expensive that you have to worry about it getting banged around in your bag!

  3. I love that you're reading Tender is the Night, I just finished it and it was such an amazing book! Very witty and fun in the beginning kind of dark and morose at the end but a great Fitzgerald novel.

  4. My absolute favorite wallet ever is my Lauren from Hobo. Huge, but doubles as a great basic clutch, holds EVERYTHING, very durable, and won't break the bank.

  5. I have that exact edition of Tender is the Night. I could read it over and over again. The first half of that book has some of the most beautifully lyrical writing.

    Aside from the bag, let's discuss that hide rug. It looks gorgeous!

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