This Time Tomorrow is the discerning girl’s destination for all things style, travel, art, dating and New York City related. And probably a few other rambling (and hopefully amusing) mishaps along the way.

To back up a bit, hi, I’m Krystal. I’m a lifelong West Coaster, living now in New York City. I have a penchant for midi-length dresses, a classic Manolo pump and whiskey neat, all equally the same, even better if combined. I’m often asked how I would describe my style. I’m bad at answering this question (for all the cliche reasons you can probably think of), so we’ll move on.

I started This Time Tomorrow as a pretty clueless senior in college, about to graduate in the midst of a recession. My background was in print journalism, so regardless of where my ultimate career path took me next, I knew I wanted to make sure writing stayed focal to some degree. Fast forward to several start up stints before ultimately joining the marketing team at Google for 5 years, I’m now focusing on TTT full time. And loving every minute of the entrepreneurial challenge.

I live in the West Village with one (sorta) chubby corgi named Elvis. He makes the occasional cameo over on Instagram.

For all collaboration inquiries, you can reach me at krystalannebick@gmail.com. Same goes for any general burning questions you’ve wanted to know about me. Shoot me a note. I stay up pretty late.