my favorite looks from pfw + how to recreate them

by Krystal Bick
October 8, 2018

It’s that time of year again.

What time is that, you ask? Oh, the time of year I force myself to address the mess formerly known as my closet and organize it for a new season. I can already hear my summer dresses whimpering as I type this — they know their sundrenched days are coming to a close and they’ll soon be replaced by their knit, leather, suede, tweed and wool counterparts. And as much as I dread the overhaul process that comes with transitioning a new season (I store half my closet in a storage unit downtown because well, West Village apartments have zero closet space), I do relish in all the new-to-me outfits I’ll have at my fingertips once it’s done.

Of course, now with Fashion Month fully wrapped behind us, I figured I’d take a quick pause do some pre-closet swapping outfit planning, both with some older pieces already in my wardrobe and a few new acquisitions on my radar. Out of all the fashion weeks, I’d have to say Paris always brings me the most street style inspiration, from both a layering perspective (it usually actually feels like Fall once PFW rolls around) and from a more clean, elegant aesthetic. You know how the French do.

I’ve rounded up 11 of my favorite outfits from Phil Oh’s PFW street style gallery and shared how to best recreate the looks on your own. Just remember, it’s not necessarily about buying the exact same items — if it were, I’d be paying off debt for years with just one of Lauren Santo Domingo’s outfits — but instead, look for similar proportions, textures, colors and layers that you can put together yourself at whatever budget suits you best. Take the outfit to the left here for example: while I love her Rochas skirt and boots, you can easily pull off something very similar by just taking note of the proportions and color tones. This midi skirt paired with these boots would be stunning together — then throw on this oversized oxford shirt, slouch it off your shoulder and voilá! You’re ready to parade around the Tuileries Garden, as well!

Now, without further adieu! Let’s get dive in! And don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom for more similar options!



Photos via Phil Oh for Vogue 

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