an evening at the kennedy center

by Krystal Bick
July 23, 2018

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you know I’m a Broadway fanatic. 

So much so, that I’ve gone through and marked the opening dates of most major productions as they come into town, highest on my list at the moment being Pretty Woman (but that’s another post, for another day).

And while I love catching the latest openings, I’ll never say no to a repeat performance, especially if that certain repeat performance happens to be a hip-hop/rap infused story about our founding fathers — yes, I’m talking about Hamilton. If you recall, my guy and I hopped out to DC last month at the invite of The Jefferson Hotel team to celebrate their latest summer programming offer (3 nights for the price of 2, which is still running through the end of summer!). Every time I visit The Jefferson, I’m always blown away by how regal everything feels and these past few visits have been no different. This most recent weekend we ducked out of New York early on a Friday, pulling into Union Station around 10pm, just in time for a little indulgent room service and an early night cap — had to save up our energy for the following evening! For more photos of The Jefferson (trust me, you won’t want to miss their lobby!), head to this post!

On Saturday, we got up (early for my guy, late for me!) and headed straight for a slightly boozy lunch at Duke’s Grocery (it came highly recommended from you guys!) to enjoy the second half of the England vs. Belgium World Cup semi-finals game. After we hung our heads ever so slightly for England (looks like it’s not coming home this year, boys), we made a beeline for Georgetown Cupcakes and spent the afternoon roaming around Georgetown, as I casually picked out future homes (a girl can dream, right?).

After a brief late afternoon/early evening refresh and outfit change at The Jefferson, we made our way over to the Kennedy Center, which if you’re ever in DC, you should definitely try to make one of your evenings there for a show or a performance. The architecture alone is breathtaking and if you catch if just right on a sunny, summer evening, the light is nothing short of magical as it casts shadows across the grand entrance — quotes from JFK greeting you as you walk in — the Potomac River just within earshot.

Of course, Hamilton left us both singing and tapping our feet — and while it’s round two for me, King George just never gets old! Every time he came on stage, I tugged my poor, bewildered boyfriend’s arm in excitement, as I practically know each and every word to his musical numbers. (Perhaps you do, too?)

We then ended the evening at Le Diplomate (another spot that came highly recommended from you guys!) and it was such a treat, especially on Bastille Day! Unbeknownst to us, their evening hours turned into a drag queen show, which was the perfect ending to our day — a lot of smiling, singing and all the french fries I could muster.

On Sunday, we spent the day recovering and getting a bit of work done at The Jefferson’s library room (a must-see if you’re visiting the property, such a beautiful, quiet haven if you need to get caught up on emails). And for our last few hours in town before catching the train back, we decided to walk over to the Lincoln Memorial, just a stone’s throw away, and one of my all time favorite memorials to visit. I could literally sit there for hours, crowds or not, and listen to the wind pass through the trees, the birds chirping overhead and the clatter of so many different languages being spoken, all at the feet of one our most noble presidents.

Huge thanks to The Jefferson team for having us again and inviting us out to see Hamilton — we had such an incredible time!

On that note, I’ve pulled a few noteworthy dresses perfect for your next evening at the theater, so keep scrolling! Are you guys seeing any performances soon? Would love to know which ones!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Ulla Johnson dress (now on sale!) // Dior heels // Vintage clutch (similar style here)

Photos by Ty Johnson

10 thoughts on “an evening at the kennedy center

  1. July 14th was the 3rd place match not the semi-finals (France beat Belgium in the semi finals and Croatia beat England… poor Belgium had to lose to England twice in one world cup lol)

    Sounds like a perfect weekend in DC!! I bet Le Diplomate was hopping 😉

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