weekend favorites: bathtime

by Krystal Bick
March 3, 2018

Oh, there’s nothing a bath can’t fix.

Am I right? Baths are funny in that sense, too. We can all probably remember the age we started deliberating switching to showers instead of baths. It saved time. It saved water. You no longer felt like it was appropriate to make bath bubble castles and sing songs. Whatever the main reason, showers became the default, baths went by the wayside and I distinctly remember feeling like an adult when this happened — simply put, baths were for kids.

Fast forward years and numerous jobs later, and I will literally lose my figurative sh*t if I see a hotel room with a beautifu bathtub. Why? Because, god damn it! I want to take a bath! And light candles. And listen to music. And sip wine. And snap an Insta Story or two of the running water, to document said bath. Bath time became my favorite again — not so much as a means to get clean, but more so as luxurious ME time. And with most luxuries, it may not be the most feasible practice in a daily routine (or if you’re like me: a New Yorker renting in the West Village your tub may be a limiting factor) but wouldn’t it be amazing if it could be? If there was a ritualistic benefit, much like face masks and fluoride rinses do, that gave you the excuse, no the NEED, to take a bath.

Well, I do believe goop may have tapped into just that with their latest line of bath soaks. If you recall, I enjoyed a staycation for my birthday week at The NoMad hotel, courtesy of the goop team, with the main intention to test drive some of their new line of bath soaks, each custom designed and crafted by Gwyneth’s NYC-based herbalist and acupuncturist Paul Kempisty. I just have to say, while I loved the stay (and the bathtub was GORGEOUS), Paul was certainly the highlight, as he showed up for part of the evening to give me a customized aromatherapy session. As someone who is a self-proclaimed novice to essential oils, I can certainly see the power in them (heck, I burned my face with tea tree oil just last week), so I loved chatting with Paul about the power of different oils and they’re healing properties, many of which found their way into the specific soaks.

The line consists of The Martini (for emotional detox), G.Night (for pre-bedtime calm), G.Tox (for a full body cleanse), Phys Ed (for recovery after exercise) and Nurse! (for when you’re feeling under the weather). My personal favorites so far are Phys. Ed, which contains apple cider vinegar, arnica, turmeric, perfect for my running routine and Nurse, which contains mustard powder, manuka and eucalyptus, perfect for the impending cold that Paul mentioned I might be getting (and sure enough, did!).

All of the soaks dissolve pretty quickly and, despite what the color of the powder might indicate, they won’t stain your tub. And residue is pretty easy to clean up with a washcloth afterward.

Have you guys tried the goop soaks yet? Would love to hear what you think! And if you’re possibly looking to step up your bath time routine, like me!

This is not a sponsored post, but the goop team invited me to stay at The NoMad and try out the bath soaks in this incredible tub. As always, all opinions and thoughts are my own.

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