how to look put together without really trying

by Krystal Bick
March 28, 2018

“Do you have any tips for looking put together all the time?”

I recently got the above question on Insta Stories the other day, and it made me stop to think (and partially laugh, not at the person who asked it, of course, but more so at myself). Mainly because, man, if I knew how to look put together ALL the time, I’d be winning at life! The truth is, despite what gets shared on social media, I guarantee you, no one looks that perfectly polished or perfectly accessorized around the clock (I don’t care how many millions of followers they have!), myself definitely included. But I like to think there are a few easy ways to looking and feeling your best, even when you’d prefer to not to fuss over details to the Nth degree. And it really boils down to a few styling tricks, or hacks, depending on how you want to look at it. Here’s what I’ve learned — and what I’ve gathered from a few of my insanely chic friends.

Take yourself on dates and dress for the occasion: Some of my favorite outfits that get photographed here for the blog, are created when I had some downtime on the weekends to myself, usually when I’m heading out for ME time. Left to my own devices, I’m a pretty introverted person (don’t get me wrong, I love socializing, but I find myself perhaps more exhausted than the average person afterward and therefore crave alone time), so when I have a free Sunday, I like to plan outings, or dates rather, where I do whatever I please. And dress however I please. It usually means I’ll grab whatever new piece I’m excited about at the moment (or some old favorites I haven’t worn in a while) and I’ll experiment and style them this way and that, until ultimately landing on a combination I really love. The key thing about this exercise is giving yourself enough time to actually ENJOY this styling part — and also to not worry about having a group activity to try and match. If you’re taking yourself out, there’s no one else you have to worry about — no such thing as being too dressed up or too dressed down. You’re just right, by default!

I’ll do this a lot when there are new museum exhibits I want to check out and can’t seem to find a friend to come along. There’s something so New York about dressing up for a museum exhibit and I love the boost of confidence I feel when I’m looking at a Monet wearing one of my new favorite, painting-like floral dresses.


OUTFIT DETAILS: Keepsake the Label dress (gifted, not available yet, but similar style here) // M2Malletier bag via Yoox // Chanel heels (similar style here, under $150!) // Vintage Chanel earrings

Identify your go-to pieces of jewelry: Confession: I go to Starbucks pretty much most mornings. And while there are so many great local coffee shops I love supporting as well (and trust me — I do throughout the day!), Starbucks happens to be the only coffee shop open at 5:30am, my usual wakeup time. That said, I throw on no-brainer outfits when I’m heading in for my routine almond milk lattes, (because hey, I’m half awake!), but it’s my accessories that usually get me deemed “the most fashionable woman at sunrise” as they like to call me — these vintage Chanel earrings being one of them. Suddenly, a black turtleneck, jeans and a camel coat feel SO much more elevated if I have a pair of my favorite earrings on. Same goes for classic, layered gold necklaces. Or a few amazing rings. Some of the most stylish women I see in New York, day in and day out, it’s usually their accessories that seal the deal for me — so don’t skip this step! It’s the necessary icing on the cake! Don’t get me wrong, I know getting the perfect accessories can be a tough thing to do, particularly when you factor in how much it can cost you, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can still be stylish, but at half the price by making sure you have things like these Best Replica Handbags or whatever accessory you want to go with your outfit. As long as you love it, I’m sure you’ll look fabulous!

Statement flats: Perhaps it’s a convenient trend that more flat and low-heeled shoes are taking over the scene at the moment, but you’ll never regret having a great pair of fun, statement flats that are not only comfortable to walk in, but usually garner you compliments like crazy. These Chanel slingbacks, as you’ve heard me say in this post about my best and worst designer purchases, have proven themselves many times over when it comes to cost per wear. And these Self Portrait block heels are usually what I reach for on days I know I need to run around the city but still need to look put together — and 9 times out of 10, someone on the subway or in line for coffee will say something about them. The rest of your outfit, again, can be completely neutral, but a pair of comfortable eye-catching flats will take you FAR, literally and figuratively.

For those makeup-less days: Lately, I’ve been trying to give my skin a break from makeup to really let it breathe on the days I don’t have shoots, but that doesn’t mean I skip everything entirely. Aside from a great moisturizing, skincare base with lots of SPF, I usually make a point to fill in my eyebrows (I have one little gap in my left one) and swipe on some mascara. Whether I’m on my first cup of coffee or NO cups of coffee, I just look more awake and therefore FEEL a bit more awake.

Wear one thing that makes you feel expensive and stand a bit taller: For me, this usually means my favorite perfume of the moment. But it can also mean a great red lipstick. Or some lacy underpinnings. The actual cost of said item is irrelevant — the main point is that it’s something that feels a bit luxurious in your routine — like a little gift to yourself — that just makes you hold your head a bit higher and stand a bit taller.

What are some of your tips, tricks or heck, hacks, to looking put together, without really trying? Would love to know!!

Photos by Nora Varcho

9 thoughts on “how to look put together without really trying

  1. You’re absolutely right about all of these! I find that if you can let your skin breathe every now and then, not wear make up and feel good about it as well as dress up and “doll up” just for yourself and for no other particular reason are the ways to look and feel very confident and happy about yourself and your looks on day to day basis.

    Your dress is absolutely fantastic and you’re looking so ladylike in this outfit.

  2. Loved this article so much! In fact, it is not always easy to look the best and feel the best when you go out. Like you, wearing a fancy perfume makes me feel very comfortable and makes me go out with my head high. Obviously with a skirt I feel more out together and chic than with trousers.

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