video: i chopped my hair

by Krystal Bick
February 23, 2018


As many of you probably already saw on Instagram, I recently chopped my hair (about 8 inches actually, even though I state 10 in the video), all of which has been donated to Locks of Love. For my longtime readers here, you may recall the last time I did this in San Francisco several years ago, cutting about a foot of hair off, into a similar wavy long bob, or what I affectionately called my wavy LOB. I remember the process being very cathartic last time and lately I’ve been craving a change to mix things up around here (probably because I just turned 32!). So, I gave my good friend Andreas a call and the rest is history.

Oh, and for all my New York guys and gals, I cannot recommend Andreas and his salon enough. He’s the most patient and thorough hair stylist I’ve ever worked with (he literally sat through MANY inspiration photos without flinching) and he’s SO creative (his editorial styling work is AH-MAZING). PLUS, his dog London greets you at the door. AND, he’s just as obsessed with the Royal family as me — there’s a lot of footage from our session of us talking about Princess Diana, who I could talk about for HOURS. I’ll stop rambling now, so you can start booking with him. 🙂

HUGE thank you to Andreas for having me last week — and for making me laugh the entire time!

Photos and filming by Nora Varcho // Video editing by me

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