narciso rodriguez: for her

by Krystal Bick
February 20, 2018

The older I get…

…the more I realize scent really impacts me. In fact, it’s probably one of the first things I notice in most situations. The distinct scent of the lobby at the Gramercy Park Hotel, after you breeze through the revolving door. The lingering sweetness of the lilies that your friend always keeps freshly arranged in her apartment when you pop over to say hello. Or even the oddly familiar perfume of certain morning coffee patrons, as you stand behind them in line for your ritual latte.

I suppose I’ve read many times that smell is our strongest sensory trigger for memory, outpacing sight and even sound — and thereby, perhaps one of our more emotional senses. And by and large, I’d have to say that’s overwhelmingly accurate for me — I have a number of scents I’ve accumulated, that represent numerous stages, phases, seasons and even meaningful places in my life — and they all make me feel a certain way. Like a scent based photo album of sorts, but in lieu of pictures of faces and events, I have olfactory notes of comforting meals, lilac trees at my childhood home, my mother’s perfume and the smell of the Pacific Ocean at Baker Beach in San Francisco, just as the morning fog starts to roll in, seemingly thick enough to eat.

That said, I suppose it comes as no surprise that fragrance is quite possibly one of my biggest weaknesses — one that I’ve talked about numerous times on here. My vanity table is brimming with different glass viles and bottles, of different shapes, sizes, colors and, of course, note ranges. To an observer, it may look as if I can’t make up my mind when it comes to my scent. But really, it’s not that I can’t decide on one particular scent to wear, it’s that I don’t want to. My scent changes with my mood and my seasons — and I love how each bottle I add to my rotation stands proudly each morning, inviting me to become that woman — be it powerful, seductive, intriguing, mysterious, evocative, curious, youthful, pensive — and sometimes, all of the above.

Just as I stand before the mirror each morning, selecting an outfit that represents visually how I feel, a scent too, has the power to complete an air of confidence, of knowing yourself and where you’re headed.

This season, I’ve rediscovered an old favorite that feels both familiar and new to me — narciso rodriguez, in particular the for her eau de toilette and the eau de parfum. Both scents have been on heavy rotation as we find ourselves in the thick of winter now here in New York — and I adore the duality to them — notes of musk, delicate florals, amber and a heady patchouli for the eau de toilette (fitting for New York evenings) and notes of pink florals, Rose, Peach pulp and soft Amber (fitting for New York days). There’s a light softness to them, but the undercurrent of Amber makes it heartier, cozier, warmer in nature — as if you’re wrapping yourself up not just in layers of knits and coats and scarves, but also the warmth of a scent, too.

I’ll admit, there have been numerous moments on the train where I catch just the slightest pocket of my perfume swathed in my many layers and it makes me smile to think of how this scent, perhaps years from now, will make me recall a moment in time in my life — here in New York, bustling about this city, in the heart of winter.

What scents evoke memory for you? And in particular what’s your go-to scent in these cold, chillier months? Find your scent by signing up to receive a a free sample here.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Zimmermann dress // Zara boots (similar style here) // Cafune bag 

Photos by Lydia Hudgens

This post was in collaboration with narciso rodriguez. As always, all opinions and styling are my own. Thank you for supporting all This Time Tomorrow collaborations! 

17 thoughts on “narciso rodriguez: for her

  1. I totally understand that – scents are so important to me and different smells remind me of different people but also different moments. In the winter I always use a fig based scent from Diptyque but recently I’ve been wearing my Dior Balade Sauvage on the regular! Otherwise, I use Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt because it reminds me of India and growing up there!


  2. I love this post! Love the polka dots too! I am indeed quite sensitive to scent, myself. SO sensitive that I have been searching for a certain scent that I have been smelling left and right throughout the city for the last 3 years! I have asked a model, a girl eating at a restaurant I was serving at, and a total stranger on the subway what they were wearing and all three of them said something different. I keep smelling the same scent, but time and time again, I am given a brand, personally seek it out, get a wiff, and realize it’s just not the scent I’m trying to track down. 3 YEARS! I have no doubt you would know what scent I am referring to, should have get a wiff like me! I feel like I am so much closer to really nailing it down, but still haven’t yet. Everyone wears it in the city, everyone who likes fashion, a warm, woodsy scent, with a hint of sweetness. I’m glad you found Narciso! Love their packaging too.

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