winter style hacks

by Krystal Bick
January 23, 2018

I will be the first to admit…

…it’s easy to slip into a style slump when this time of year rolls around. Temps never seem to stop dipping, snow (or the weird grey stuff that snow becomes in New York especially those deep mysterious puddles at intersections) makes footwear decisions a nightmare and the idea of commuting in anything other than your Canada Goose jacket sends shivers down your spine when you’re still inside the safety of your apartment. I like to call it, the Winter Style Blues.

And today’s post is all about kicking them! Admittedly, this post idea came about as I was packing for this extended trip back home (which you can read about here) — when I realized that most of my “functional” outfits I packed really only needed a few things here and there to make them stand out. I quickly threw most of those said items into my suitcase and I’ve been loving the outfit possibilities since. So, in no particular order, here are a few of my winter style hacks!

  1. Belt your jacket: I’ve just recently gotten into this, but what a game-changer! Take any of your favorite belts (skinny and wide alike) and throw them over your coat for the day. I’ve tried it myself with a wool jacket here, but I’ve seen it look incredible over puffer coats as well. It makes for an instant shape change and the jacket feels almost brand new afterward.
  2. Top it off with a hat: You all know I’m a sucker for hats so I can’t stress this one enough. Anytime I throw a hat on with an outfit, whether it’s a beret or a baker boy cap, I feel a bit more pulled together. This winter alone, I’ve already amassed an embarrassing collection of berets in every color (with more on the way!) all of which, bring me one step closer to feeling like Meghan Markle (or so I like to think).
  3. Cropped jeans + mid calf boots: It’s easy to fall victim to the skinny jeans + tall over the knee boots this time of year, but lately, I’ve been reaching for a lot of my cropped flared jeans, which pair just as nicely with those mid-calf boots we saw a lot of this fall. The proportions make for an unexpected mix — just be sure to layer some tights underneath your jeans to block out any wind chill you might face while commuting.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Kenneth Cole jacket // Zara turtleneck (similar style here) // Levis jeans // Stuart Weitzman boots // Cafune bag // Vintage sunglasses from Melbourne (similar style here)

4. Layer turtlenecks under everything: Of course, I’m a turtleneck fan, so this hack had to make it’s way in here. Perhaps a lot of you have been layering your turtlenecks under dresses and camis (which is great!), but next time, try layering it underneath your over the shoulder sweaters. I tried it here for a little 1940s inspired look and loved how it made both sweaters feel brand new.

5. Monochrome: Speaking of that all grey look, sometimes the easiest way to make an outfit feel elevated is to dress all in the same color or tone. I sported all creamy whites here last week and offset the look with a few black accessories to ground it a bit. Of course, this required a bit more care when sipping coffee, but I’m dying to try an all burgundy look soon, as well as all navy. Look for classic base colors that you’ve accumulated a lot of in your wardrobe and see what combinations you can come up with!

6. Over the knee boots with midi to maxi-length dresses: I know the thought of dresses this time of year seems daring when temps are in the single digits, but trust me, it’s not only possible but it’s even warm AND chic. Generally, I try to stick to my heavier dresses when pulling off this look (think layered lace or wool), but a flowy, silk dress works as well, followed by two layers of tights and my sturdy Stuart Weitzman over the knee highland boots (with socks, of course!). For topping it off, I’ll add a turtleneck as an extra layer under the dress and a longer coat (like this one) over it.

And there you have it! What are some of your favorite winter style hacks? I’m sure there are plenty that I’ve missed so I’d love to hear how you guys are styling your winter essentials this time of year!

Photos by Alisha Siegel

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