stop and go: my one goal for 2018

by Krystal Bick
January 1, 2018

In true New Year’s Day form, I sat down to write this post all about my resolutions for the year. This, of course, got me thinking: isn’t it funny that resolutions are so often framed around stopping or starting something? Starting a diet. Quitting a bad habit. Picking up a new hobby. Putting an end to your shoe budget. It’s one extreme or the other. You either stuck to it. Or you didn’t. Which is, largely why I like to think we believe we come up short on the last day of the year when we realize perhaps we didn’t stick to that one extreme or the other. Black or white. There’s no gray area. There’s no work in progress area. There’s no room for forgiveness.

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t seem like a very kind way to start the year. There are plenty of things I’d love to start AND stop this year. But there are also a lot of things that I’d like to keep just plain DOING — they haven’t just started this year and they’re not about to stop, but rather they’re the things I’d like to make the commitment to keep up. I’m not resolving to do anything — I’m committing to make time for the things I know I want to keep doing.

This is all probably a long rambling way of saying I like to think of my resolutions as commitments — promises to myself that I’ll keep dedicating precious time to the things I know I want to make time for. For me, that’s always been writing — one of the biggest reasons I started this blog in the first place was to collect my writing in one proverbial corner of the internet, and while numerous other platforms and content consumption trends since then have perhaps made this industry more visually focused, I know I’m happiest when I write something that I’m particularly proud of. After looking back on 2017, I don’t think I made enough of a commitment to sharing my writing here and that’s something I’d like to focus on this year — longer format personal essays. Don’t get me wrong — I love sharing and photographing what I’m wearing, but I want you to come to This Time Tomorrow knowing that you’ll leave with way more than outfit inspiration. It’s about sharing the personal (the good and the bad), the professional triumphs and failures (and what I’ve learned from them both) and my thoughts on what it means to be a 30 something woman living in the world we live in (and how I’m attempting to make sense of it all). Perhaps that’s a vague direction and I’m OK with that. I’m actually really looking forward to the defining of it as I go along — a process I’d love for you to join me on.

I mentioned this before in a previous post, but I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting while traveling around Australia — about this industry I find myself in and the particular content I enjoy creating. It’s been an interesting exercise in reviewing, critiquing and yes, even meditating on the things I think have worked well, what hasn’t and what I think I’m holding back (all while driving through some incredible countryside in Western Australia). I like to think of it as a cathartic road trip of sorts — examining who I am at this moment as a creative and figuring out what parts I want to focus on as my work in progress. I don’t want to think of it as black or white. Stop or go. Start or stop. I want to think of it as BEING — and all the messiness and beauty and truth that comes with it.

What’s one thing you’d like to keep doing this year?

What I’m wearing:


Photos by Ty Johnson // Shot on location at The Pinnacles National Park in Western Australia

16 thoughts on “stop and go: my one goal for 2018

  1. Looking forward to reading! I have loved your longer posts and hope you’ll keep this resolution 😉 Your trip looks so fabulous and I’m loving all the beautiful photos on Instagram. Wishing you all the best in the new year!

  2. One of the reasons I started following your blog (in addition to living in SF a few years ago) was your writing which put you a cut above all the other fashion bloggers. I love reading the stories that go along with your photos and I definitely look forward to more pieces from you in the future!

  3. I love your writing so I’m looking forward to seeing more of than in 2018. It truly is what sets you apart from a lot of the other fashion bloggers. You not only provide incredible visuals but incredible writing as well.

    I want to keep on using my camera any chance I get.

    Happy New Year.

  4. I looove this post. It is always nice to stop and read your thoughts. You seem a really intelligent girl other than very stylish.
    What I would like to continue doing in the new year is for sure continue posting on my blog; continue writing about my life and taking pictures along the way.

  5. This is so funny, because I 100 percent agree with you. I too am not fond of resolutions and I often end up forgetting them. I am in the midst of putting together a lengthy post about a few ways to help my digital career flourish and I am using 2018 as the year to plant seeds. Writing fuels my soul and though my blog is merely an outlet to collect my thoughts, I’d like to use it more as an inspiring tool for men and women to learn about me, my values, mishaps, and the occasional style and home decor musing. Can’t wait to see where you go this year & don’t stop writing — I adore your voice and we (our readers) can feel how much you enjoy doing it. Happy 2018!

  6. Happy New Year Krystal! I love the new email newsletters and I think sharing in the written form on the blog is a great idea. I started doing more personal posts just at the end of last year and it’s been really fulfilling and the readers enjoy it as well.

    Cheers to 2018 (ps if you’re stuck for awhile in LA, let me know! I’m here now!).

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