vince camuto bella

by Krystal Bick
April 7, 2017

You all know I love my perfumes. In fact, whenever I smell an interesting scent on someone, especially while I’m walking down the street or catching the subway, I’ll go out of my way to ask them what it is. Because scent is an interesting thing, isn’t it? They say it’s our strongest of the five senses, especially in regards to memory trigger. For instance, there’s a particular perfume my mom used to wear a lot when my sister and I were little, and while she’s moved on to a different signature scent since then, to this day, whenever I smell that one of hers from so many years ago, I’m immediately brought back to family outings to dinner, where she’d spritz on her wrists, to slowly rub behind her ears. That scent was her. It is her.

So when Vince Camuto approached me about working together on their fragrance collection, the idea being each of their scents would be representing a different woman and a different persona, I fell in love with the concept. This concept that a fragrance can really embody and emulate a certain type of lifestyle — representative of that woman’s likes, her dislikes, where she’s going in life, how she carries herself, how she wants to present herself to the world.

And perhaps quite fittingly, they asked me to share a visual representation of what my assigned fragrance, “Bella,” means to me. In short, she is the chic and confident woman about town. She knows what she wants and what she likes and she’s not afraid to work hard for either. She’s elegant and sophisticated, with a classic sense of style to her. Art and culture revolve around a lot in her universe and she’s usually the first person you notice at a party, not so much for what she’s wearing (although it’s undoubtedly fabulous), but more so for her charm and curiosity in other people and the world around her. While I’m not entirely confident I embody Bella, I definitely aspire to.

Of course, in true New York fashion, when we went to film this day in the life video, we were greeted with quite a bit of rain — so the Bella fragrance proved to be quite the bold and floral pick-me-up needed for the day. Hope you guys enjoy!

This post was in collaboration with Vince Camuto. As always, all opinions and styling are my own. Thank you for supporting all This Time Tomorrow collaborations!

Filming by Nora Varcho // Editing by Krystal Bick

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