the future is female

by Krystal Bick
March 20, 2017

As I’m sure many of you recall (and likely celebrated!) March 8th was International Women’s Day. And in the spirit of making a point to remember that we should keep gender equality top of mind every day, not just one day, I wanted to share a recap from the beautiful brunch that Farfetch hosted for the day at the Gramercy Park Hotel Terrace (my favorite terrace in all of the city!).

And while I always love seeing so many of my talented friends and peers in one place (who doesn’t, especially when we’re all donning red for the occasion?), I was really sold when the folks at Farfetch mentioned Cleo Wade would be doing a reading of her latest poem, which I was hoping to share today with all of you. I’ve been a fan of her work for some time now and I think her latest poem is a true statement to her work pioneering gender equality and female empowerment. A sweet testimony to the women who have blazed the trails before us — Sheryl, Gloria, Maya, Coretta Scott King — and a call to arms to pay it forward.

So without further adieu…

Who Are We Right Now

Who are we right now?

Are we Ms. Shirley

When we walk up to the table and see no seat for us

So bring our folding chair

Are we Ms. Gloria

When we remember that

When we speak about feminism and racism and poverty and all who are oppressed


Our issues

are linked


not ranked

Are we Ms. Ida

When we

Right wrongs by

Turning the light of truth

Upon them

Are we Ms. Fannie

When we yell out

That No body is free

Until Every body

Is free

Are we Ms. Coretta

When our country calls on us to remember so deeply in our souls that

Freedom is never really won


We must earn it

And win it


Every generation

Are we Ms. Angela when we proclaim

That we are no longer

Accepting the things, we cannot change

We are instead

Changing the things

We cannot accept

Are we Ms. Alice when we remember

That the most common way we

Give up our power

Is by thinking

We don’t have any


Are we Ms. Alice when we remember that


is the rent we pay

For living on this planet

Are we Ms. Sojourner

When we say to the world

“Ain’t I a woman”


Are we Ms. Maya



Every single day

We continue

To rise

To know the women who came before us is to know ourselves

It is to know the blood memory that runs through our veins

It is to know that the unlived dreams of our ancestors are

our honor and our duty to live out

Right now

Because as Women

Right now

When it comes to the work of the Women before us…

Maybe we are not able

To pay it back


We can


Pay it forward

Huge thanks to the Farfetch team for hosting such a beautiful event in honor of International Women’s Day!

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