and the oscar goes to…

by Krystal Bick
February 22, 2017

Each year, I make it a personal mission to watch the films that have been nominated for an Oscar — namely those nominated for best picture, at the very least. And while this year I’m sorely behind on my watch list (I still have a few days left before Sunday’s ceremony!), I have to say, after seeing Lion a few weeks ago, I’m pretty sold.

To back up a bit, of course, I loved La La Land and have been listening to the soundtrack ever since. After seeing Arrival, I sat in my seat long after the credits had finished rolling, contemplating what I would have done had I been in Amy Adams’ shoes. And I actually saw Hidden Figures on New Year’s Day after getting some upsetting personal news and I remember feeling completely lifted and inspired once I left the theater.

But there was something about Lion that moved me in a way that a movie hasn’t done in recent years. It’s an epic journey home story — one riddled across India — where language barriers, the pitfalls of extreme poverty and a simple missed connection separate a young boy from his family for over 25 years. And how he pieces the memories together in a winding trail back home.

To top it all off, it’s based on a true story. One that leaves you wondering, long after, could I have done what Saroo had done? Could I have found my family after all those years, relying on blind faith, rose-colored memories and unconditional love?

Have you guys seen Lion? What did you think? Also, any takers to see Moonlight and Fences with me this week? 🙂

OUTFIT DETAILS: Nicholas dress // Stuart Weitzman boots // Furla bag // Celine sunglasses

Photos by Lydia Hudgens

17 thoughts on “and the oscar goes to…

  1. I’m trying desperately to watch as many before Sunday! I saw Lion the other week and it was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time – left the theatre with puffy eyes 🙂

    xx Jill

  2. moonlight was a beautifully shot film, very touching and moving. i wasn’t sure what to expect from it because i tried to avoid spoilers aside from the main point and was pleasantly surprised by how much i loved it. I will totally be watching fences this week, because I’ve heard nothing but good things from friends. I guess i should rent arrival and check out lion this weekend too?

  3. I totally agree….. while La La Land was beautiful, and Hidden Figures motivating, and The Arrival thought-provoking….. LION was simply breathtaking. I’m not sure that’s the correct description but it was how I felt. I was holding my breath (in between tears) for nearly the entire movie. I couldn’t believe what Saroo went through and how he prevailed. I couldn’t believe the resiliency his birth mother showed by never moving away from Saroo’s childhood home in the far off chance he would return. I didn’t read the book so throughout the movie I was playing a guessing game in my head…. why is this movie called Lion? What am I missing here? Could it be a nickname of someone he meets along the way? Could it represent the strength this little boy showed in the face of a very scary, unknown future? As perfect as this story starts, it ends even more so…. answering the question I had been asking myself the whole way through. Saroo (actually spelled Sheru) means “Lion”.

  4. Hi hi! What size did you take in the Nicholas dress? I’m 5’2″ish and usually a 0 or 2 in dresses. Been wondering how this brand fits. Thanks!


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