one jacket, three ways

by Krystal Bick
June 15, 2016



When I first was looking to move to New York last year, I lucked out with an amazing broker, Carlos, who I worked with, more often than not, from San Francisco, while he was hitting the ground here in New York. And by amazing, I mean, he answered my crazy emails at 2, 3, sometimes 4am with questions, remarks about certain property links he had sent me and just general requests for my new dream place (‘it has to be dog friendly, lots of closet space and in the West Village!’ — his response to which was, ‘yeah, you and every other Carrie Bradshaw incarnate.’) But that aside, he and I went on some pretty intense full day treks when I visited one weekend, simply looking at places in and around the West and Greenwich villages.

I recall the very first apartment he took me to was on 5th Avenue, where it dumps into Washington Square Park at the arch. The apartment itself wasn’t anything memorable but I do remember thinking what my life would be like right next to Washington Square Park, which by itself is a pretty funny junction point. It’s where NYU students blend with tourists, blend with the more waspy 5th Avenue run off crowd, blend with the creative village folks who then blend with street musicians. It’s a collision of uptown and downtown worlds and it’s such a treat to sit on a bench in the park to watch it unfold.

And while that apartment didn’t work out (but my amazing little studio in the West Village did), I’ve really come to appreciate the melting pot that is downtown life. And when I stumble across pieces for my wardrobe that allow me to dress for each lifestyle accordingly, I scoop them up. Take this jacket from St. John for instance. At first glance, it reads very classic, perfect with tailored pants and a silk bow blouse, but with the right accessories, it can transition to happy hour drinks with casual jeans or it can serve as the perfect resort cover up paired with a breezy summer dress. As someone with limited closet space (just ask Carlos — he knows my square footage!), I appreciate items that I know go the extra mile for my wardrobe and a little knit jacket like this fits the bill perfectly.




OUTFIT DETAILS: 1st Outfit: St. John jacket // St. John bow blouse // Guess jeans // Henri Lepore Dezert heels // Chloe “Drew” bag // 2nd Outfit: St. John jacket // Micaela Meyer shirt dress // Sam Edelman sandals // Janessa Leone hat // Vintage pearl clutch // 3rd Outfit: St. John jacket // St. John bow blouse (worn backwards) // St. John tailored cropped pants // Steve Madden heels







This post was in collaboration with St. John. As always, all opinions and styling are my own. Thank you for supporting all This Time Tomorrow collaborations!

Photos by Lydia Hudgens


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