the winter to-do list {with SOREL}

by Krystal Bick
November 18, 2015

Coat: Zara (old, similar style here); Sweater: White House Black Market; Jeans: MiH; Boots: SOREL; Hat: Gap (old, obsessed with this fur pom beanie here); Sunglasses: Celine
I’ve joked quite a bit with my more seasoned New Yorker friends that as much as I love New York now, I haven’t gone through my first real winter yet here on the East Coast — so they might have to send reinforcements to my apartment come February when I refuse to leave my studio.
That said though, I’m actually really looking forward to winter here.
I know, I know….said no New Yorker, EVER.
But hear me out.
I’ve gone through my fair share of Fashion Weeks here in February to know that it gets frigidly cold. Actually, scratch the adjective frigid. I’m not sure there’s a good adjective that quite describes it. And granted, I’ll more than likely go into hibernation and/or jetset mode when February and March roll around (summer in Australia is looking pretty good, if you ask me!). But there’s really no season like winter in New York, especially when the holidays start to roll in. Now the only adjective I think is fitting there is: magical.
Those who know me, know I love a good list, especially when it comes to experiences or places I want to visit. And Christmas here in New York has made me one busy list lady. Between the tree lighting at Rockefeller Center, ice skating, the holiday window displays going up, and hopefully an upstate trip to Woodstock or the Catskills soon, I’m busy stocking up on a few winter essentials that can carry me through the season (and my list!).
One thing is for sure, SOREL boots have come highly recommended by almost every New Yorker I’ve talked to. And if there ever was a group of folks who knew a thing or two about those awful, nasty puddles that accumulate at every intersection corner, it’s those guys.
So I say, winter, I’m ready for you. Just maybe go easy this year? Deal?
This post was in collaboration with SOREL. As always, all opinions and styling are my own. Thank you for supporting all This Time Tomorrow collaborations! 

12 thoughts on “the winter to-do list {with SOREL}

  1. Oh I know what you mean. I have this love/hate relationship with winter. As I am always cold, I can barely stand the arctic temperatures. I hate getting dressed, because it means wearing the same 4 layers over and over. But there are certain things that are the best during winter.. cozy nights at home, having fondue, having a sunday walk in the snow, window shopping with a hot beverage..

  2. Oh Krystal! I love how positive you are being about it… I just don't want to destroy the magic for you. BUT- in my own personal experience the magic was gone right after New Years and I realized that as much as I love the fun coats the floor length puffer was the only viable option- which is why I scoured Net a Porter for the cutest puffers as possible. That being said, I just moved back to SF and apparently El Nino is going to be crazy this year so if I had my bet I would say you escaped NorCal just in time and that you might have a relatively mild winter over in NYC! Here's hoping!


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