i’ll have what she’s having {fall musings}

by Krystal Bick
October 2, 2015

All of the above? #FallGoals. And perhaps unsurprisingly, I’m carrying a few trends over from summer that I’m just not ready to part ways with, those namely being: 
1. The neckscarf. Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Sorry. I love the idea of it tucked ever so neatly into the top of a chunky turtleneck. 
2. Culottes. These were such a huge hit for Fashion Month that I’m sure the editor pack won’t be packing these away anytime soon — just swap out your silk and linen pairs for more denim and wool options for the cooler months ahead.
3. Avant-garde layering. I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed a lot of gals sporting little short sleeve t-shirts under breezy dresses, which I think is an excellent way to transition all of your sleeveless frocks into fall — just add an oxford shirt underneath or perhaps a second dress (or top) over it for something a bit more sculptural. 
What are you craving for fall? Any summer trends you refuse to let go of that might be making the cut?
This post was in collaboration with Farfetch. As always, all opinions and styling are my own. Thank you for supporting all This Time Tomorrow collaborations! 

6 thoughts on “i’ll have what she’s having {fall musings}

  1. I have been craving a sleeveless turtleneck sweater so I need to check out this fabulous find of yours from Theory. I've had a hard time putting away my Chloe gladiator sandals for fall so I have been wearing them with fall suede skirts on some of the warmer days. They are the one thing I will be sad to see go once it gets really cold. Have a great weekend!


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