by Krystal Bick
August 30, 2012

1.) Zara, size 7.5; 2.) RACHEL Rachel Roy, size 7; 3.) Mona Mia, size 7
Perhaps one of the biggest reasons I hold off from cleaning out my closet wares more often (aside from the daunting task of actually doing it) is that I’m usually torn where to take my much-loved but hardly worn items. Truth be told, they usually end up sitting in a pile in my closet before I get tired of the clutter and hang them back up — therefore defeating the whole purpose in the first place. Why do I hold on to them? I guess part of me really wants to see them go to a loving closet where they’ll get much more use (and hey, making some extra cash back for new pieces certainly wouldn’t hurt either!). 
Well I teased it here and here — you guys demanded it — so here it is: my closet is now up for grabs via Threadflip — a new community site that allows its members to sell items directly from their own closets. My favorite parts? Uploading items is a cinch (a big must-have for me) and browsing other members’ items can be slightly addicting since most are merchandised on themselves in the context of a full outfit. Hello inspiration!
Are you guys on Threadflip? Let me know in the comments below — would love to check out your closets! And in the meantime, you can find my closet here or simply jump over there via the “Shop” link in the top navigation bar above. I’ll be adding new items over the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!

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  1. love ur shoes and ur blog! ive tried to use threadflip but find it difficult to use. have u tried poshmark? super intuitive cause it reminds me of instagram and a great community

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