evening to remember: the lab event

by Krystal Bick
January 16, 2012

Photo credits from the top: Natalie of Like Fresh Laundry, Jason Perry, my lovely boyfriend for the close up runway shots and Jason Perry again for the confetti action shots
I must say getting to strut in some of the most gorgeous wedding dresses around is not a bad way to spend your Saturday. And this past Saturday, I got to do just that. This weekend’s The Lab Event, a unique, off the beaten path approach to bridal fairs, was as beautiful and downright inspiring as I had hoped it to be — not to mention, just plain fun! Armed with music, delicious snacks and, of course, plenty of wine smack dab in the middle of wine country, I had one of the best nights ever and I just want to thank the lovely gals behind this successful event for inviting me to join and walk the runway (in Sarah Seven dresses, no less!). 
Still not convinced you can have fun at a bridal event? Well did I mention there was a confetti canon? No, I didn’t? Well, there was a confetti canon. Or two. And. It. Was. Epic. 
Also, be sure to check out the recap posts by my partners (and fellow models) in crime: Taylor, Natalie, Erin, Anne and Britt + Whit.

29 thoughts on “evening to remember: the lab event

  1. i'm not big on weddings and the whole craziness that comes with it, however i wouldn't mind being a part of an event like that! beautiful dresses and your smile speaks volumes.


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