the cat’s meow

by Krystal Bick
April 18, 2011






A huge thank you is in order to the incredibly sweet Pamela of Market Publique. She happened to remember me envying her skirt at at an IFB conference last year and sent it on over recently as a little surprise.

Isn’t the print great? Animal print with animal heads? Meeee-ow.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

23 thoughts on “the cat’s meow

  1. What a nice thing to happen, yay for you. I have to say that print is just so insane- in the good way 🙂 An unforgettable, show stopping piece. Love that you've styled it back with the tee- chic.

  2. lol that skirt made me laugh, I love it! now I am going to comment on people's blogs and see if they send me stuff!

    …did I mention that I love your American Apparel clutch…?

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